Energy 4 Mobility

New series of expert talks on alternative fuels

Be it hydrogen, electricity, biofuels or synthetically produced fuels – the new ‘Energy 4 Mobility’ expert talk series being launched by the organisers of Automechanika focuses on the topic of which alternative fuels will be powering our vehicles in future.

With its new format ‘Energy 4 Mobility’, Automechanika is offering experts from the fields of industry and science a platform where they can promote advances in the field of alternative fuels. It all kicked off with an expert talk on 14 October on the topic of ‘E-fuels’. Some 30 participants got together at Nürburgring to share the latest findings and discuss the advantages and advantages of various synthetic fuels.

Michael Johannes

“How we decide to transform our transport and logistics to reduce CO2 emissions is one of the biggest issues facing the future of mobility. That is why we are aiming to give the full range of alternative fuels an even stronger presence at our trade fairs, including Automechanika, Hypermotion and the Festival of Motoring, and to offer participants international platforms with extensive reach.”

Michael Johannes, Vice President Mobility & Logistics Messe Frankfurt

„E-fuels are already suitable for across-the-board use from a technical point of view. If the fuel is produced in North Africa, for example, where the energy yield is three times what we have here in Germany, the cost of a litre of e-fuel is less than a euro.“

Bastian Lehrheuer

“There is clearly a great deal of pressure on everyone to drive development in the field of alternative fuels, and to do that successfully, we need events like this one where we can network and share ideas.”

Dietmar Schwarzenthal

“The EU Refining Industry is transforming. We are moving into different types of products and want to enable the transport sector to become climate neutral. We believe that e-fuels have a very important role to play together with biofuels, electrification and other low carbon alternatives.”

Alain Mathuren

“Sustainable mobility requires a mix of various alternative fuels and innovative mobility solutions. I believe that tomorrow’s mobility will have at least three key components: electromobility, hydrogen mobility, and e-fuels.”

Philipp Engelkamp

„The so-called ‘drop-in’ fuels can be used directly, even in older vehicles, making it possible to reduce CO2 emissions over every kilometre covered by the vehicle.”

Björn Noack