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Automechanika Innovation Award

External view on the Innovation Award area

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the world's leading trade fair for the automotive service industry, the popular prize will be extended to include a few new features.

For the first time, three levels will be presented within the twelve categories: Nominee, finalist and winner.

If your innovation is nominated by the independent Jury of the Innovation Award, your product receives nominee status and you can use the official Innovation Award logo for your advertising. You will also be included in the Innovation Guide, which will be distributed to visitors during the show and will also be available online.
If your innovation is among the TOP 3 in the respective category and thus among the finalists in the race for the coveted prize, it will be listed on the official Innovation Awards website and shown in a separate exhibition in the Frankfurt Festhalle. This special show brings visitors closer to the innovations in an interactive fashion.

The winners of the Automechanika Innovation Awards will be honored at the official award ceremony. The Innovation Awards Winners are also included in the press work of Automechanika Frankfurt and your trade fair stands are directly addressed in guided tours.

The registration deadline has already expired.

The entries are being evaluated in accordance with the criteria of innovative content, economic efficiency, user benefit, aftermarket relevance, safety and quality as well as sustainability and their contribution to environmental protection.

1. The following documents are integral elements of the entry process:

  • Product description taking into account the assessment criteria (see Point 5):
    – max. 1,800 characters including blank spaces
  • Description of the innovation, including differentiation from the competition
    – max. 1,800 characters including blank spaces
  • Brief description of the product:
    – for the website and labelling of the exhibit (max. 300 characters including blank spaces)
  • Please avoid advertising claims/statements in the product description and brief description.
  • If you have an English version of these texts, please enclose them with your entry. If you do not have an English version of the text, we will have the text translated free of charge for you.
  • A photo of the entry for the Internet presentation:
    Please send as a high-resolution JPEG file, recommended data size min. 500 KB
  • If you have a product video, please submit this too.
  • Please do not send any actual products. The jury works only with written documents.

2. Deadline for entries

  • The early-booking price for entries ends on 30 April 2018. The deadline for receipt of entries by Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH is 1 June 2018. Late entries will not be accepted.

3. Eligibility for participation

Participation is open to all exhibitors at Automechanika 2018 in Frankfurt.

The submitted product must be assigned to one of the product groups listed on the entry form. The jury reserves the right to assign the product to a different category. If the submitting company does not agree with this assignment by the jury, the entry may be withdrawn.

All entries go through a preliminary checking procedure in terms of their innovative content. The jury reserves the right to exclude from participation in the Automechanika
Innovation Award any products not judged to be innovative.

The award can only be given to products that meet the relevant safety regulations and are licensed for use in at least one country in the European Union.

The exhibitor must be in compliance with copyright law. If the exhibitor is not the manufacturer of the submitted product, written authorisation from the manufacturer must
accompany the entry.

The number of entries per exhibitor in each category is limited to two. Each entry will be billed separately.

4. Automechanika Innovation Award benefits and fees


The invoice for the Automechanika Innovation Award will be sent at the end of July 2018.

5. Assessment

The entries are assessed and judged by an independent jury. They should be market-relevant new developments of products, services or processes from the automotive supply
industry or the automobile repair shop/services sector. There is also a separate category for original equipment products and services.

The criteria are:

  • innovative achievement and excellence of the solution
  • functionality, user friendliness, user benefit and economic efficiency
  • aftermarket relevance
  • safety, durability and quality
  • contribution to climate protection, environmental
    protection, resource conservation and sustainability

All participants are informed of the results after the jury meets at the end of July 2018.

6. Awards

One winner per product group is chosen from the submitted entries.
The official presentation ceremony for the Automechanika Innovation Awards will take place on 11 September 2018.
Nominees, finalists and winners of the Automechanika Innovation Award can use the label for their own advertising. References to equipment and advertising media may only relate to the award-winning product. The winners will be provided with a relevant logo for this

7. “Automechanika Innovation Award” special show

All finalists and winners are digitally presented during Automechanika in a special show.

8. Legal aspects

The decision of the organisers of the Automechanika Innovation Award is final in all matters. No reasons shall be given as to why particular entries did not win an award.

The sender has sole responsibility for the product-related text. The fundamental principles of data protection are respected.

By entering, the participant agrees to the Terms and Conditions of Participation and accepts as final the decision of the jury.

  • Parts & Components
  • Electronics & Systems
  • Accessories & Customizing
  • Repair & Maintenance
  • Repair & Diagnostics
  • Dealer & Workshop Management
  • Car Wash Care & Reconditioning
  • Alternative Drive Systems & Digital Solutions
  • Classic Cars Products & Services
  • OE Products
  • Truck Products & Services

Winner of the Innovation Award 2016

Robert Bosch GmbH mit M Li-ion motorcycle battery (12 V starter battery LTX12-BS)

Category Parts & Components:

Robert Bosch GmbH with M Li-ion motorcycle battery (12 V starter battery LTX12-BS)

Ultra-light motorcycle battery with lithium-ion technology: 4 times the service life and significantly higher deep-cycle resistance than comparable lead-acid batteries; reliable performance even at high temperatures; no acid and leak-proof.


Category Electronics & Systems:


PORTECTOR prevents vehicle theft without the key, stopping any unauthorised communication with vehicle systems through the On Board Diagnostic (OBD) port.

Continental Reifen Deutschland GmbH with WinterContact TS 850 P with “Taraxagum”™ dandelion rubber

Category Accessories & Customizing:

Continental Reifen Deutschland GmbH with WinterContact TS 850 P with “Taraxagum”™ dandelion rubber

The tread pattern is completely made from Taraxagum rubber, derived from the roots of Russian dandelions, developed by Continental and several partners.

NCEM® (NTK Compact Emission Meter)

Category Repair & Diagnostics:

NGK Spark Plug Europe GmbH with NCEM® (NTK Compact Emission Meter)

Extremely compact and lightweight multi-gas meter, recording data via USB memory. It supports engine/vehicle test facilities & real driving emission tests.


Category Repair & Maintenance:

Corghi S.p.A. with UNIFORMITY

First diagnostic tyre changer. It measures rim and tyre defects, tells the tyre specialist step by step how to mount radially the tyre on the rim and resolves the vibration problems generated by geometry and uniformity issues.

AVL DiTEST Smart Service 4.0

Category Management & Digital Solutions:

AVL DiTEST GmbH mit AVL DiTEST Smart Service 4.0

Developments in the area of device networking are redefining what we understand by service. The analysis of device information makes it possible to eliminate problems before they arise.

MultiFlex side brush

Category Car Wash, Care & Reconditioning:

WashTec Cleaning Technology GmbH with MultiFlex side brush

The MultiFlex side brush pivots backwards along the lengthways axis when washing the rear of the vehicle. It presses itself flexibly onto the slanting side, which it washes with maximum vehicle contact – under the rear spoiler, into the bumper recess and around the roof pillar.

VALEO with Valeo SCALA™ laser scanner

Category OE Products & Services:

VALEO with Valeo SCALA™ laser scanner

Valeo SCALA™ is the first laser scanner for the automotive volume production. The technology is a key enabler for automated driving thanks to a combination of large detection range, wide field of view and accuracy.


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