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You are interested in truck, caravan or motorcycle related products and solutions? The „Truck Competence“, „Caravan Competence“ and „Motorcycle Competence” designation will help you to identify the offer of relevant exhibitors.

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About 1,000 exhibitors offer products and solutions related to trucks and commercial vehicles at Automechanika Frankfurt. To ensure that trade visitors quickly find relevant companies, Messe Frankfurt created the Truck Competence designation to identify the relevant exhibitors on the exhibition grounds, as well as in the catalogue and online exhibitor search. Additionally there are special events, training sessions and presentation dedicated to commercial vehicles at the trade fair.

Are you looking for exhibitors featuring Truck Competence / Caravan Competence or Motorcycle Competence? Please use the filter function “Special Interest” to find relevant stands in the exhibitor search.

#AMF20“ Leo Müller, Dobler GmbH

Training workshops

Truck at Automechanika

Modern trucks and buses boast a wealth of electronic systems that ensure they are not only economical and environmentally friendly, but also safe. Once again Automechanika offers a certified training workshop for commercial vehicle professionals in the field of camera- and radar-based driver assistance systems.

Registration for this workshop will open in early 2022.

‘Why Automechanika? Because commercial vehicle technology also helps us with construction machinery.’


Truck at Automechanika
Truck at Automechanika
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Motorcycle at Automechanika
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Truck at Automechanika
Truck at Automechanika
Scooter at Automechanika