Body & Paint World Championships

Automechanika Body & Paint World Championships

Automechanika is holding the first international Body & Paint competition in the trade fair’s history. German body and paintwork professionals are competing to reach the finals of the first international Body & Paint World Championships at Automechanika Frankfurt Digital Plus 2021. On 14 September in Frankfurt, an expert jury consisting of renowned trade journalists, designers and industry insiders will select Germany’s winner. More than ten participants are at the start.

German participants are on the home stretch of the Automechanika Body & Paint competition

Günter Blümel

Günter Blümel from Vienna competes for AkzoNobel in the Body & Paint competition. The 54-year-old Blümel, managing director of Autospenglerei Blümel GmbH in Vienna, is a big fan of effect painting, which he realises with colour-intensive and creative motifs: "I already have an idea in mind for the design of the competition bonnet, I want to link Germany and Austria as well as Frankfurt and Vienna, and the two national flags will also play a role. But I don't want to reveal any more than that for now."

Here are some impressions of his work
Josephine Ellwein

It is her love of new challenges and enthusiasm for the art of paintwork that drives Josephine Ellwein, who works for the Brinnig GmbH paint and bodywork shop in Vaihingen. She will be employing glazes, wraps, and painting using HVLP, RP and airbrushing techniques, to create a car hood bearing a design inspired by the City of Frankfurt, its innovations and landmarks, and its position at the heart of Germany and Europe.

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Nick Habich, head of the workshop and the Paint & Design Centre HM Habich and Miller, is also taking part in the contest. His motif is inspired by Bavaria.

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Alexander Hagemann, master painter at Karosserie Baur in Rottenburg am Neckar, has also set his sights high. With using 16 different painting techniques and effects – one for each of Germany’s states - he refines a bonnet.

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About the World Championships

Car is sprayed with paint

In 2021 Automechanika Frankfurt will feature Body & Paint as an independent product group for the very first time. In celebration of this occasion Automechanika launches the international competition – with events taking place in four countries: the UK, South Africa, China and Germany. In each country Body & Paint professionals will design the bonnet of a car while using the country in which the Automechanika fair is being held as their inspiration. In each location, a panel of experts is charged with picking a national winner who will then get to go to Frankfurt for the finals. In addition, trade visitors will be able to help select the people’s choice winner by voting for their personal favourites online. The winner of the people’s choice award will receive a surprise package sponsored by SATA.

Congratulations to the winners of the Birmingham, Johannesburg and Shanghai competitions!

Automechanika Birmingham winner Anthony Fryett

Automechanika Birmingham

4. - 6. June 2019, Winner: Anthony Fryett, Autostyl

Automechanika Johannesburg

Automechanika Johannesburg

18. - 21. September 2019: Winner: Etienne Dutoit, Plascon

Automechanika Shanghai

Automechanika Shanghai

3. - 6. December 2019, Winner: Sun Xiao Shuai, Shanghai Zhongguo Baohong Automobile Sales & Service Co Ltd


If you are interested in getting involved as a sponsor for either a national show or the entire championship, please contact the show directs for more information:

Olaf Mußhoff / Director Automechanika Frankfurt

Phone +49 69 7575-5225

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‘Outstanding craftsmanship combined with creativity and a great deal of emotion – when getting ready for Automechanika 2021 in Frankfurt and at the event itself, we experience things for which there is often no time in our everyday lives. Paint is so much more than a thin coat of colour on an object, and the ways our customers demonstrate this are truly impressive. Painters’ passion and dedication in pursuit of absolute perfection are what inspire us to develop top-quality products and services.’

Tina Allhoff

‘At SATA we are driven by the desire to equip painters around the globe with the very best tools with which to pursue their trade. That is why we are especially pleased to see our products being used here, making them part of this exciting competition. We wish all the participants every success!’

Jari Pfander

‘I was very impressed with the designs presented in Birmingham. The participants of the championship managed to capture the essence of the UK’s body and paint sector: creative, skillful, diverse and bold.’

Jack Halliday, Show Director Automechanika Birmingham

‘We are so excited to be a part of this exciting competition as it gives all spray painters the opportunity to showcase their skills. We strive to be the choice in vehicle refinishing through continued research and development, introducing new product technologies as well as investment in our people and equipment. We wish all participants best of luck!’

•	Bavita Valab, Marketing Manager: Performance Coatings, Kainsai Plascon

‘All over the world, the participants in this competition are demonstrating their creativity, skill and love of their profession. It is a fascinating and wonderful experience to witness this shared passion in person. With each national event, anticipation for the grand finale at Automechanika Frankfurt 2021 continues to grow.’

Wolfgang Auer, Editor in Chief FML

‘The Automechanika show is a world-class platform for the industry, and the Body & Paint Championships offer us an excellent chance to present our products and technology.’

Kelly Shi, Marketing Manager von Yatupaint

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