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The history of Automechanika Frankfurt

Founded in 1971 Automechanika Frankfurt has developed to become the most important meeting place for the industry, dealership trade and maintenance and repair segment. We take a look back on five decades of trade fair history and its showcased innovations.

50 years automotive aftermarket

Jubiläumsplakat Automechanika
  • 1970s: Green, yellow, red and orange – colours were striking in the 70s. As the range of cars on offer increased, more importers entered the market. Safety was a key area of focus. In 1971 – the same year Automechanika was founded- the airbag was patented in Germany. In 1978 ABS (anti-block-system) hit the market.

  • 1980s: Environmental aspects are a focus area with the special emission test (ASU, Abgas-Sonder-Untersuchung) being introduced to Germany in 1985. The decade also witnesses a boom time for car parts: Spoilers rocker panels, custom wheels and lowered suspensions are all the rage. Yet the highpoint is the fall of the wall in 1989, the opening of the East creates a new market for many.

  • 1990s: Affordable telephone networks and mobile phones become available – resulting in in-car-phones. Soon to be followed by navigation systems that can be retro-fitted. At the same time, the digitisation of the automotive business goes hand-in-hand with the introduction of workshop networking.

  • 2000s: The possible impacts of hybrid cars on work in automotive workshops are a topic of discussion as they require special training courses for high-voltage technology. The internet is increasingly serving as a source of information. The end of the decade witnesses the market launch of the first Tesla. Apple launches the iPhone and eventually impacts the features found in cars.

  • 2010s: Topics like digitization and connectivity revolutionize complex processes in vehicles and workshops. Features such as automatic parking assistants offer insights into a future of autonomous driving. The demand for alternative drive systems increases.

What exhibitors and partners had to say:

‘Bringing innovations and emotions together on the same stage – it is a feat that Automechanika accomplishes again and again. It's no wonder that we've been taking advantage of this successful trade fair format for many decades.’

Michael Söding, CEO Automotive Aftermarket, Schaeffler AG

‘The 25th Automechanika promises to be a very special event. The German automotive industry was there at the birth of this trade fair – today it is a brand known worldwide. Automechanika is the leading international trade fair for the automotive industry.’

Jürgen Karpinski, President of the German Federation for Motor Trades and Repairs (ZDK)

‘Automechanika Frankfurt has been a red-letter date for us since it first began in the early 1970. Automechanika offers us the perfect framework in which to engage in dialogue with our customers – dealers and workshops.’

Manfred Baden, President of the Automotive Aftermarket Division at Bosch

‘We look forward to continuing our close partnership with the trade fair team far into the future, and wish this anniversary Automechanika event all the best.’

Frank Beaujean, President of the ASA (German Association of Manufacturers and Importers of Automobile Service Equipment)

‘We have exhibited at every Automechanika in Frankfurt right from the start. Since its debut in 1971, the trade fair has repeatedly demonstrated its keen insight into the trends and requirements of the industry. Congratulations on the 25th anniversary!’

Peter Wagner, Vice President Independent Aftermarket and Managing Director Continental Aftermarket GmbH

‘We would like to congratulate the Automechanika team on the 25th anniversary of an event that has served as a beacon for our sector.’

Hartmut P. Röhl, President of GVA


Juan Manuel Fangio, five-time Formula 1 World Champion, signs autographs for his fans

A famous visitor at the first Automechanika: Juan Manuel Fangio, five-time Formula 1 World Champion, signs autographs for his fans.

Visitors to the Automechanika are standing on a highway and hitchhiking

Whereas the event started off with visitors from 63 countries, today it opens its doors to guests from some 170 nations who come to the international flagship fair in Frankfurt to find new products and solutions.

The ‘Dolmette’ motorcycle exhibited in 2004 is powered by 24 chainsaw motors.

A real eye-catcher: The ‘Dolmette’ motorcycle exhibited in 2004 is powered by 24 chainsaw motors.

Model at Automechanika

The Body & Paintwork area has had a home of its own in Hall 11 since 2010, and since the launch of ‘Schadentalk’ (damage talk) in collaboration with the trade media at and FML in 2014, it has also had its very own format for topics such as loss assessments, automotive services and claim control.

Anniversaries at Automechanika 2018

25th anniversary

Automechanika Frankfurt celebrated 2018 its 25th anniversary. However, it was not alone in this and many exhibitors joined in the celebrations!




Tecneco at Automechanika catalouge

Looking back: advertisements by one of our exhibitors, Tecneco, have been appearing in the Automechanika catalogue for over 30 years.  

Schlaue Füchse

Brake specialists and acceleration experts: ATE Bremsen promoted ´cunning foxes´ at the first Automechanika Frankfurt in 1971. One of the world´s leading brands, ATE Bremsen nowadays belongs to Continental Aftermarket GmbH.





Everything looked completely different in 1986 – the fashions, the fair and the Isobal team. We are proud that Isobal is still with us as an exhibitor of Automechanika Frankfurt 32 years on. 





Wulf Gaertner Autoparts AG, the holding company of MEYLE AG, and Automechanika Frankfurt are both celebrated anniversaries in 2018 because MEYLE is 60 year. We would like to extend our sincere congratulations!




The HAZET exhibition stand then and now. And is not only the HAZET exhibition stand that has changed over recent decades. At last year exhibition stand they showed the new products the company presented on the occasion of its 150th anniversary.