Automechanika Frankfurt Digital Plus – FAQ

Digital platform

Participation as a digital exhibitor costs €5,900 (including media package of €585.00).
The use of the digital platform, worth approximately 5,300€, is free of charge in conjunction with a stand area.

As soon as information are filled in the MPM, the exhibitor can see directly in the preview how it will look on the website, in the app etc.. Unfortunately, the preview does not show the platform, but looks exactly the same as in the exhibitor search on the website.

The digital platform will be activated for exhibitors on 31.08.21 and for visitors from 07.09.2021. All functions will be available from 14-16.09.21.

Exhibitor passes are valid for both the face-to-face event and the digital platform. With your exhibitor pass, you can use the digital platform for the entire duration of the event.


Visitor tickets are valid for both the face-to-face event and the digital platform. With your day ticket, you can use the digital platform for the entire duration of the event.

Your exhibitor profile, which you create via the Media Package Manager (MPM), will also be transferred to the digital platform. You will find an illustration and information on the technical requirements enclosed:


A detailed overview with the technical specifications can be found in the PDF "Technical data MPM" in the download area.

No digital GST may be registered.
Exceptions for associations or state-sponsored booths will be reviewed individually and made possible via a separate agreement.

Due to hygiene regulations and the associated minimum stand size of 12 sqm, physical exhibitors may only register a maximum of 1 (for 24 sqm) or 3 (for 48 sqm) GST at a time.


If you would like to use the jump to the showroom, please contact the MF Sales Team. Maintenance is possible from the opening of the digital platform for exhibitors on 31.08.21, in the exhibitor area. A URL can be included in German and English, as well as a general description text and two additional description texts.

The following file format is required:
Format: .jpg
Size: 1140x500px, the height is a recommendation, you can be flexible here.
Please note that a transparent background will be played out in black.

Mr. Sebastian Krapp from the Automechanika team will be happy to assist you.; Tel: 069-7575-3512

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge are the best browsers for participating in the digital event. Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are the most stable browsers. Internet Explorer is not supported by the digital platform.

Structure of the platform

The platform and also the streams will be available in both German and English. The language can be switched via the icon at the top of the screen.

In the "My Profile" tab, your personal data will be taken from your registration. You can change and add to this at any time even before the event. This data is used to present you the best matches possible.

With the help of a mathematical algorithm and your user behaviour, we check the matches between your details in the networking section and the details of the other participants. If you open the details of the participant by clicking on the name, you will see the areas in which you have matches. You have the possibility to get other matches by changing your interests.

Under "Search Participants" in the Networking section, you can also find other participants. With the help of different filters you can limit your results.

Once the exhibitor's main contact has access to the platform, they can customise their onboarding information such as product categories, interest in, search for, etc.

Visitors are asked for the same information. If the answers match on both sides, they are suggested to each other.
The answers are considered in aggregate, i.e. the more information the better and the more matching answers the better the quality of the lead. If there is still only one match or no match at all, they can also get in touch.

In the exhibitor overview as well as in the event programme, you can search for exhibitors and topics of both events. In the networking area, all participants can be found across the events.

The platform opens for exhibitors on 31.08.2021 and the dashboard, the exhibitor search, the event search, the watch list and the event planner, as well as the profile can be used.

From 07.09.2021 the platform will open for exhibitors and visitors / press: The networking and contact enquiry function is activated and appointments can be made.

During the fair between 14-16.09.2021 the interactions are activated and available: Chat, Video call 1:1 function and the Roundtables. From 30.09.2021, the platform will be completely closed to everyone.

The platform will be online with all functions until 30 September 2021.  

Helpful explanatory videos on the platform are available for you on the website, in the menu under "Digital Plus The concept - personal and digital". You are also welcome to listen to our podcast, which introduces Messe Frankfurt's hybrid event format.

Video call

People who are in different locations can make a video call and see each other at the same time via video.

You can participate in a video call with a laptop, PC or mobile device. In order to use all functions you need a device with a camera and a microphone.

With mobile devices, there may be limitations due to different versions of the various operating systems.

As soon as you open the exhibitor profile, you will find exhibitor representatives who are available for a video call. You can start the video call by clicking on the video call button.

Alternatively, you can make an appointment.

Ticketing / Access authorisation


The day ticket costs 16,- EUR and entitles you to use the platform permanently.

The visitor can log in to the platform with the trade fair login.

After logging on to the platform for the first time, the visitor will be doing through an onboarding, which helps them to create their profile, such as questions that will be included in the matchmaking process. Visitors can also upload a photo and indicate which languages they speak.

Exhibitor representatives

The exhibitor pass also represents the access authorisation for exhibitor representatives on the platform in parallel. These are created in the exhibitor ticket portal by the exhibitor's main contact person. With the trade fair login, the exhibitor representative can log on to the platform and is directly assigned to the exhibitor profile. In advance, all exhibitor representative profiles are inactive and must be activated on the platform by the main contact person.

The main contact person is the company’s representative who corresponds with the trade fair team as their prior contact person. This person has admin rights on the platform and must activate the profiles of the exhibitor representatives. He or she can also appoint one or more representatives, who thus also have admin rights. In addition, the main contact person can edit the exhibitor profile.

You have the option of purchasing voucher cards for your customers. Each redeemed ticket will be invoiced to you at € 3.00 after the event. You will also receive an overview of which customers accepted your invitation.

Additional, digital advertising options

Information on digital advertising services can be found in the PDF/download "Digital advertising services".

Web session

Web sessions can be book by exhibitors as an advertising and presentation opportunity within the digital event. In the web session, product innovations and services can be presented in an individual and personal way - we like to compare this with a presentation that would otherwise take place on the exhibition stand.

All web sessions are an equal part of the event programme and are listed in the event calendar. Each web session has a fixed "broadcast date" at which it is then streamed live on the event platform. After live streaming, web sessions are available on demand until the event platform closes.

Web sessions are 15 or 30 minutes long and can be booked for a fee up to 21 days before the start of the event.

Web sessions can be booked via the Exhibitor Services Shop or directly via the Advertising Services sales team (Alexandra Jafari, Benjamin Braun, Emmanuelle Mazoyer, Tanja Eschmann, Anabell Condemi).

15 minutes of streaming time costs 1,800 euros, 30 minutes of streaming time costs 3,000 euros. Additional costs will then be incurred by the exhibiting company depending on the variant in which it wishes to stream (see PDF /Download "Description Web Session”).

Both variants are offered; further details can be found in the PDF /Download "Description Web Session”.

There is no advertising on our part - that is the exhibitor's task.
All web sessions are listed in the Automechanika Digital Plus or Hypermotion event calendars and are therefore an absolutely equal component of the event’s programme.

In concrete terms, this means that every visitor who checks the programme on the digital event platform will see directly which web session is running and when.

No, all web sessions are open to the public and any participant in the digital event can attend. The number of participants is not limited.

All pre-produced contributions and live sessions are integrated directly into the event platform by our technology via the conference programme Vmix Call. The application is straightforward and is tested with you in advance for each live session.

Absolutely! Messe Frankfurt takes over the exhibitor's signal and can integrate this into the livestream from pretty much anywhere in the world.

Each web session includes the free option of a Q+A session. Here, questions can be asked via a chat window, which are only visible to the exhibitor and not to the other participants.

All contributions will be recorded and will be available on demand until the platform closes (30 September 2021).


Round Table

A round table is a digital conference room in which exhibitor or product presentations, short workshops or press conferences can be held.

The Round Table is open for 30 minutes.

Round Tables can be booked press team Automechanika Frankfurt. Please contact After Advertising Services/the press team activates the appropriate number of booked round tables, the exhibitor selects a suitable date on the digital event platform, adds title, subtitle, description and language.

At the scheduled time, the exhibitor starts the event by clicking on the designated button.

Round Tables are listed directly in the exhibitor's company profile. In addition the Round Table can be shared via social media and email.

Yes, for up to 100 participants (including people associated with the exhibitor).

The Round Table runs as a Zoom meeting and is integrated into our digital event platform. The Round Table is run in the browser, no separate log-in is required. No personal Zoom account of the exhibitor is required, we provide the technical setup for the Zoom meeting.

The exhibitor can start his Round Table from anywhere. He does not have to be in Frankfurt for this.

The Round Table is a conversational format - video, audio and chat are therefore possible. Polls are not possible.

All participants have the same rights (which the host can limit). This means that everyone can be seen and can actively participate in the Round Table.

The host can (de)activate the options of screen sharing, deactivate micro and rename names for all participants.

The exhibitor creates his round table himself in the backend of the digital event platform. The Zoom meeting is then generated by the system and can be shared as a link via social media or by mail.

Ultimately, it is the exhibitor alone who decides how or what they want to use their Round Table for.

No, there is no recording. WebSessions are recorded and made available as "OnDemand" on the platform a few hours after broadcast. WebSessions would therefore possibly be an alternative to reach visitors in other time zones or in the follow-up.

Onsite participation

From the current point of view, there will be no limits, but the general hygiene regulations will apply and the specified spacing regulations will apply. (1 person/4m²).

The lounge area planned in the hall serves as an additional communication area for our exhibitors and visitors and enables to fall back on these alternative areas in the event of high visitor numbers at the booths. The general hygiene regulations also apply to the stands and the specified spacing regulations are valid. (1 person/4m²).

By booking a complete stand, your exhibition appearance is fully calculable and reduces costs as well as risk. If the physical exhibition is cancelled, you will not incur any cancellation costs for your complete stand.

By including joint stand participants, the stand area per exhibitor can be reduced. However, the hygiene regulations and the accompanying minimum stand size of 12 sqm also apply here. Physical exhibitors may therefore only register a maximum of 1 (for 24 sqm) or 3 (for 48 sqm) joint stand participants at a time.

Automechanika Frankfurt 2022 (September 13 to 17, 2022).

Due to the ongoing Covid19 pandemic, the world's leading trade fair Automechanika Frankfurt will take place in September 2022 and will be back in the even years in the future. As last year, we will be able to offer carry-over contracts to many exhibitors. In individual cases, new stand space proposals will be sent out.
The following points will give you a brief overview. We have also compiled and answered frequently asked questions for you.

  1. Your stand rental contracts concluded for Automechanika Frankfurt 2021 will be cancelled free of charge.
  2. All service orders for Automechanika Frankfurt 2021 that have already been placed in the Messe Frankfurt Exhibitor Services Shop or individually (e.g. stand construction, logistics, advertising, catalog or catering services) will be cancelled.
  3. You will receive a carry-over contract or a new stand space proposal from your responsible Automechanika contact in due course.
  4. Exhibitors who have not yet concluded a stand rental contract and new exhibitors will be asked to re-register. We will inform you as soon as you are able to register.
  5. You can update your company data and product information via the Media Package Manager (MPM) at any time (24/7) after conclusion of the contract.
  6. The Shop for Exhibitor Services will be available again after the stand space confirmation.
  7. If you wish to adjust the size of your stand, please contact your Automechanika contact person.
  8. The minimum stand size of 12m² per exhibitor must be adhered to. This also applies to joint stand participants.

Additional information for exhibitors:

Hygiene concept in the halls:

Important information for your trade fair participation during Covid-19 can be found here. (Information about your stand planning, number of persons and visitor contacts on your stand, catering etc.).

Where can I find out more about the new Media Package Manager (MPM)?

Get detailed information about the Media Package Manager (MPM) here.

Stand Construction:

Messe Frankfurt Fairconstruction is an independent company. If you have any questions about your agreed services, please contact Messe Frankfurt Fairconstruction directly.


Please re-book for Automechanika Frankfurt 2022 any scheduled services (such as parking tickets, catering or stand personnel) that you have ordered from Messe Frankfurt for Automechanika Frankfurt in September 2021.
We will cancel all service orders you placed in the Messe Frankfurt Shop for Exhibitor Services or individually (e.g. stand construction, logistics, advertising, catalog or catering services). We will refund any payments you may have already made for these exhibitor services.

Stand rental:

Stand rent already paid for 2020 can be paid out or left on your account for the upcoming event in 2022. Unfortunately, it is not possible to offset this against the Automechanika Frankfurt Digital Plus 2021. Please contact your Automechanika contact person.