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11 - 15.9.2018, Frankfurt am Main

Collision Talk - What drives the collision-damage market?

Invoice reduction, claims management, car servicing.

“The sector is ablaze”

The rate of change in the accident damage market is increasing at breakneck speed. Day after day, workshops have to contend with invoice reductions; the HUK-COBURG insurance group's motor vehicle services provision threatens price-dumping; constant new requirements are driving up the amount of time and money that is spent on administrative tasks. And, at the same time, more losses are subject to stricter control. There is no doubt that the sector is under pressure.

Major players join the 'Collision Talk' arena

'Collision Talk' at Automechanika confronts leading decision-makers with the challenges facing motor vehicle repair shops. Gerhard Witte (ControlExpert), Stefan Artz (Service Partnernetzwerk), Robert Paintinger (Bundesverband der Partnerwerkstätten – German Association of Bodyshops), Thomas Melzer (Axalta Coating Systems), Peter Börner (ZKF – German Association for Bodywork and Vehicle Technology), Jürgen Schmidt (Innovation Group), Andreas Brodhage (Global Automotive Service) und Thomas Geck (HUK-COBURG) will all come together in the 'Talk' arena on 15 September. “Collision Talk' brings together on the stage some major issues with some influential people, none of whom have ever debated the issues publicly with one another in quite the same way before,” explain discussion moderators, Christian Simmert and Wolfgang Auer. “The sea-change in the accident repair market is currently so far-reaching that the sector really is ablaze.” Already in 2014 they chaired the first 'Collision Talk' session, which then emerged from the stand to become one of the most visited events held within the framework of the Automechanika Academy.

Collision Talk

Collision Talk was a magnet for visitors in 2014 and attracted over 600 participants.

Collision Repair Street

Visit this special area in the foyer of the Portalhaus building and discover the innovative repair concepts for efficient automobile repairs presented by workshop equipment suppliers and collision-damage specialists.

An event organised by colornews and fml in cooperation with Automechanika Frankfurt.