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11 - 15.9.2018, Frankfurt am Main

Systematic Damage Recording of Cars Involved in Accidents


Competence description
The participants are familiar with the theoretical basics of systematic accident damage recording to be performed "step by step" on a damaged car. They can easily find the Vehicle Identification Number in the vehicle body in order to recognize the factory-provided vehicle equipment variants for the subsequent damage cost calculation. They find out which vehicle body measurements can be performed with an electronic measuring stick in order to carry out a reliable damage diagnosis. The participants recognize the peculiarities of "secondary" damage outside the original impact area. They are able to find out the most common accident damage correction specifications of the respective vehicle manufacturer. It is explained to them what scope of repair on the training vehicle is to be deduced from the repair specifications. They experience professional hail damage recording with the use of a light tunnel. The participants are able to explain which photos of a car damaged in an accident are required for a damage calculation.

Module contents

  • Systematic damage recording on a car involved in an accident
  • Determining the VIN and vehicle equipment identification
  • Performance of an electronic 3D vehicle body fast measurement
  • Detection of secondary damage
  • Repair specifications of the vehicle manufacturers
  • Selection of repair approaches
  • Hail damage recording in the light tunnel
  • Requirements regarding photos of vehicles damaged in accidents.

Learning result
The participants are able to comprehend the requirements placed on professional damage recording of cars damaged in accidents, by way of example. They are able to implement a large part of the workshop contents for their day-to-day work.

Summary and quality assurance
Theoretical summary of the implemented training contents with advice on a high-quality approach and assessment of the repair approach specifications developed by the participants themselves.