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11 - 15.9.2018, Frankfurt am Main

Calculation of repair costs / digital communication

by DAT

Competence Description
In the workshop, the participants will learn the practical use of the DAT calculation system "SilverDAT calculatePRO". It examines how the user will be guided through the application from the start (creating a new file) to the vehicle identification via VIN request to the graphical part selection. Thus, the participants will be able to create repair cost calculations according to the data of the vehicle manufacturers. The participants will also simulate the delivery of an insurance claim directly from the DAT system. Due to the automatic repair logic which considers all parts, labor values, composite works and the lacquer types (DAT Euro lacquer, AZT or manufacturer paint) the user experiences on the one hand, the complexity and depth of data within the system, on the other hand the participants see how comfortable and with just a few easy steps a repair cost calculation with SilverDAT can be created.

As a special feature all workshop participants will get the chance to look at brand new technologies, including the DAT app for the detection and calculation of damage caused by hail or the all new "body graphics" that are an exclusive part of SilverDAT calculatePRO. Finally the workshop will show the digitization of current workshop processes: On the one hand the web portal "Fair Garage" with its technology to combine end user requests with professional calculation products. On the other hand the claims processing platform "SilverDAT myclaimPRO" that supports body shops to communicate with insurers and allows editing and sending digital claim files.

Module content

  • SilverDAT calculatePRO
  • Vehicle identification via VIN request
  • Repair logic
  • Web based damage calculation
  • DAT app for hail damage calculation
  • "Fair Garage" technology
  • Digital claims handling

The participants learn how to create a repair cost estimation based on car accident damage detection. The case that has to be analyzed is a slightly damaged vehicle. In addition, the participants are able to describe special DAT program applications.

Summary and quality assurance
Theoretical summary of the content with references to a high-quality approach and evaluation of practical work (repair cost calculation).