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11 - 15.9.2018, Frankfurt am Main

Body Repair BMW 7series (Steel-Aluminum-Carbon Body)


Description of competence
The participant knows the repair techniques used on the BMW 7series.
He knows the technical basics of the steel, aluminium and carbon contains and their repair possibilities. The participant knows the repair process of the steel, aluminium and carbon body parts, joined with welding, bonding and riveting technology.


  • Presentation of the 7series material concept
  • Theoretical basics of the aluminium and steel outer panels and their repair possibilities
  • Replacement of outer panels (roofskin)
  • Basics of damage detection on car bodies with material mix
  • Theoretical basics of the steel, aluminium and carbon body: production and repair process
  • Separating and joining of structural body parts with material mix
  • Quality check

Course run
First the participant learns the rules to the health and safety standards when processing chemical products and uses these. He learns the handling and meaning of the repair tools and the further products in the body repair process. After that the bodywork repair methods are explained at the BMW 7series. He gets opportunity to use some of the practical repair processes himself.

Note: This part of supplementary training does not qualify the participants to carry out repairs on a BMW 7series! In this case the participation on a special BMW training course is required!

Summary and Quality evaluation
Theoretical summary of the workshop modules, including quality notes and evaluation of the practical work.