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11 - 15.9.2018, Frankfurt am Main

Body Repair with universal / measuring straightening systems

by Car-o-Liner

Description of competence
The participant understands the crash management system and the function of new car body technology. He will be able to recognise and use the equipment in a modern universal diagnostic and repair system. The participant knows the process of crash damage analysis, conducted with an electronic 3D measuring device, and is able to perform a diagnostic measuring.

He gains knowledge about the process of working on a straightening bench, such as rough pulling and placing new spare parts into position. The participant knows the actions to be taken for quality control.


  • Vehicle Crash Management
  • Universal Measuring and Platform System
  • Damage analysis
  • 3D absolute Measuring with electronic measuring arm
  • 3D Measuring with “high end” measuring system
  • Straightening process and parts replacement
  • Quality control

Course run
First the participant learns the health and safety standards that apply during the body straightening process.
Then he learns the function and operation of the repair tools and the additional products used in the body repair process.
After that the body measuring systems, body straightening and replacement of new body parts are explained.
He has the opportunity to try out some of the practical repair processes for himself.

Summary and quality evaluation
Theoretical summary of the workshop modules, including quality notes and evaluation of the practical work.