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11 - 15.9.2018, Frankfurt am Main

Body panel dent repair (Aluminium and Steel, large-area)

by Carbon

Description of competence
The participant should be able to assess the areas in need of repair and the components, as well as the material characteristics of bodywork components (steel / aluminium / accessibility from one or two sides). The participant should be familiar with the procedures and tools necessary for repairing deformed areas. They must be able to understand the repair requirements. The participant is able to assess the quality of the repair carried out on the damaged area for the subsequent paint spraying work process, and to specify the standards for paint spraying preparation. They have application-specific knowledge of the process of carefully removing dents from aluminium parts.


  • Defining the areas in need of bodywork repair / removal of large-area exterior dents
  • Getting to know the tools required for removing exterior dents
  • Procedure for working with steel sheet and aluminium sheet
  • Working with repairs to double-walled locations (only accessible from one side)
  • Preparation of areas to be repaired (bonding/welding)
  • Elimination of pre-defined damage
  • Surface finish
  • Quality assurance

Course run
Participants will first be given an overview of the materials used for the exterior of bodywork on modern vehicle bodies. They will be familiar with the rules governing occupational health and safety when welding and bonding drawbar eyes. Participants will get to know the relevant tools, use these tools and be familiar with the procedures to be employed for removing large-area dents from deformed bodywork panels to restore them to their original state.

Summary and quality evaluation
Theoretical summary of the workshop content, including the quality assessment and evaluation of the hands-on work.