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11 - 15.9.2018, Frankfurt am Main

Joining techniques and equipment

by Wieländer+Schill

Description of competence
The participants must have basic knowledge of the process-optimizing working procedures in the following subjects: separating, milling, drilling, sawing, punching, spot welding and hardening of tin solder as well as windscreen and car body adhesives.

Process-optimizing work and processing methods are trained in the areas of quality, effectiveness and safety at work. This applies particularly to new materials and manufacturing guidelines, as additional knowledge of material processing and spot welding are required here.

The training contains the basis of working procedures with high, higher, highest and ultra-high strength steels. It also includes the working and welding processes, such as separating and connection of mixed materials like aluminum, composite materials and carbon fiber.

Punching holes with pneumatic-hydraulic tool on normal and high-strength steels is included as well. The knowledge of working with new chemical materials, such as tin soldering replacement and different car body adhesives will be convered. Besides, participants will learn how to harden them safely. The training contains also the information about the further treatment of these materials, in regards to process and work safety.

The participant knows all quality standards for the inspection and can evaluate and execute the process-optimizing working procedures in handcrafted possible range (for example documentation of treatment process with FlexiTherm heating device). The participant is to command all necessary tools, devices, materials and procedures, which are applied for qualified working and process-optimizing procedures.

Module content:

  • Knowledge about process-optimizing working procedures
  • Spot welding with safe measuring and controlling procedures and documentation
  • Drilling of high and ultra high strength steels and aluminum
  • Milling of high and ultra high strength steels and aluminum
  • Sawing of high and ultra high strength steels and aluminum
  • Tools for process-optimizing separation and their proper usage
  • Application of safe hardening working processes
  • Quality assurance (testing of connections)
  • Summary and quality control

Advanced training process
The participant gains firstly basic knowledge in different ways of separating and connecting processes in accordance with the recommendations of car manufacturers. After that the participant gets opportunity to execute showcase and under instructions different separating, connecting and hardening procedures on his own.

Summary and quality control
Theoretic summary of advanced training process and evaluation of practical work.