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11 - 15.9.2018, Frankfurt am Main

Wheel alignment / Calibration of Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

by Beissbarth GmbH

Description of competence
The participant will be able to explain the necessity to calibrate camera and radar systems when a vehicle has been repaired after an accident. He is aware of the procedures to prepare the system calibration and knows the required workshop equipment. He has applied knowledge for these operations and may define the given quality requirements.


  • Features of video based driver assistance systems
  • Features of radar based driver assistance systems
  • Interference of driver assistance systems caused by accidental damage
  • Preparation and preconditioning for calibration of driver assistance systems
  • Procedure of system calibration
  • Quality control of calibration work

Course run
The participant initially hears about the significance of all impacts of an accidental damage to driver assistance systems. Afterwards he learns about the relevant testing tools for the diverse driver assistance systems calibration devices. Then practical application of service procedures will be demonstrated on front radar, front camera and surround view cameras.

Afterwards the participant gets the opportunity for these hands-on exercises himself.

Summary and quality evaluation
Theoretical summary of the workshop content including the quality assessment and evaluation of the hands-on work.