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11 - 15.9.2018, Frankfurt am Main

Electrically trained person for working with intrinsically safe high-voltage systems in accordance with the requirements in Germany

by Akademie des Deutschen Kraftfahrzeuggewerbes TAK

Description of skills
The participant should be familiar with the basic design of high-voltage systems and fuel cell systems and should know the dangers of improperly working on or with high voltage systems and hydrogen. The participant should be familiar with the applicable regulations and procedures, as well as the relevant contact persons (specialists for working with intrinsically safe high-voltage systems) within the operation, and must be able to implement additional safety measures.

The participant is capable of carrying out general tasks outside of the hazardous areas of high-voltage components for which it is not necessary to disconnect the power supply to the high-voltage system.


  • Operation of vehicles and associated equipment and facilities
  • Identification of high-voltage and hydrogen components
  • Performance of general activities that do not require the disconnection of the power supply to the high-voltage system
  • Position and designation of the high-voltage components and cables in and around the vehicle
  • Performance of all mechanical activities on the vehicle (however: “Stay away from orange!”)
  • Deactivation of the high-voltage system in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications as an additional safety measure to prevent its unauthorised or unintentional operation
  • Designation of a person who is to be consulted when something is not clear (e.g. an expert for high-voltage systems)
  • Work on vehicles that is impermissible
  • Organisation and work flow for electronic work that is to be carried out under the direction and supervision of an expert for high-voltage systems

Training course plan
The participants will start by learning how to operate the vehicle in question. Once this has been done, they will be informed of the scope of work without disconnecting the power supply from the high-voltage system. After this, the high-voltage components and the procedure for deactivating the high-voltage system will be explained. In addition, a clear explanation will be provided detailing which tasks absolutely must be carried out by “experts for high-voltage systems”, and which can be carried out by “trained persons”. Once this has concluded, the participants will be informed of the content and period of time covered, as well as the type of work they are permitted to carry out and what they will be able to practise themselves. Finally, participants will be given an overview of the potential dangers posed by a variety of tasks.

Summary and quality evaluation
Theoretical summary of the workshop content and evaluation of the hands-on work.

In addition: Multiple choice test in order to earn a certificate of participation.