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11 - 15.9.2018, Frankfurt am Main

Training and development

Free workshops on the subjects of bodywork repairs and painting

Free workshops on the subjects of bodywork repairs and painting

In cooperation with partner companies, Automechanika Frankfurt held 12 professional-development workshops covering almost all aspects of the collision-damage repair process.

The three-hour workshops were held in German in the mornings and in English in the afternoons. The workshops are aimed at personnel from collision-repair specialists, automobile assessors, vocational-school students and instructors from independent training facilities.

In addition to classic bodywork repairs and spray painting, the workshops will, on the one hand, focus on the latest technical developments and include subjects such as alternative drive systems (hybrid, electric, hydrogen), diagnostic technologies and assistance systems in the professional-development programme. On the other hand, emphasis will be given to systematic vehicle-damage assessment and the associated repair-cost calculation with digital transmission to the insurance company.

Please note: Participation in the workshops in 2018 will only be possible after a registration at the exhibition grounds.

These workshops were held at Automechanika Frankfurt 2016

The following companies are sponsoring the training courses at Automechanika Frankfurt 2016: